This site is a repository of factual, accurate assessments on the physical, offline world of retail. Retail is a rather large umbrella, but it encapsulates verticals from restaurants to hard goods. If you’re associated with the physical world of retail in any way, shape or form, this content is for you.

We talk about tools merchants (operators) can use to improve their business, often taking perspectives from other industries that have used proven methodologies for decades. In that sense this will be an honest education platform for end-users, and perhaps inspire more self-awareness to ask why they haven’t done things better.

We talk about changes affecting the offline world, and what that means for solutions providers serving brick and mortar merchants. This includes technology, product and distribution, as well as larger macro themes like transformational changes in business models. Payments, point of sale (POS), suppliers: content herein will be useful.

We also like to talk about things that nobody else has the backbone to publish. If you have shocking information, or want to talk about any of the above and don’t want your name/brand associated with it, we can help you tell your story without concern for blowback. If you have a product or service to talk about we’re happy to give it a look but be aware: we will only publish our honest feedback.

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